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Multi-Disciplinary Department

Our Multi-Displinary Department consists of 3 structured TEACCH rooms and one Multi-Sensory classroom.   As an Inclusive School, Knockevin firmly believes in meeting the needs of every individual child and therefore each class caters for individual needs in a variety of ways, to meet this aim.

Structure of our TEACCH classrooms 

Our classrooms have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the pupils who are educated in them.  These rooms are very structured and visual rooms created to bring clarity to our pupils’ school day. This is a running theme through Knockevin as a whole, with each individual room implementing aspects of structured teaching when we feel it is most beneficial to our pupils.

The Curriculum


The pupils follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum which is adapted to meet their individual needs. 

Through each school day our classes provide a variety of teaching methods and styles that we feel our pupils will develop and learn from.  Within each room our pupils have the opportunity to have learning experiences that are stimulating, practical and fun!  

Learning and teaching across the department takes a topic approach with schemes of work being developed for each curricular area. 

We also take every opportunity to develop and reinforce those very important independent life skills that will be so beneficial to our pupils as they work their way through school and life after Knockevin!

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Multi-Sensory Classroom 

We have one PMLD classroom which provides pupils with Complex Learning Difficulties and Profound and Mulitple Learning Difficulties access to a curriculum that is both broad and balanced and meets their specific needs.


The classroom is a fun and stimulating environment that allows the pupils the opportunity to respond to a wide range of activities that incorporates all the senses. 


There is a multi-displinary approach to the pupils learning experiences and the therapy team work closely with the staff and pupils to ensure that all the pupils individual needs are met. 

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