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Junior Department

At present, our Junior Department consists of five classes. We love being able to explore and experiment, and have many opportunities to do so.

We strongly believe that ‘Together we Can Achieve More’ and this certainly applies to the holistic approach that is very apparent in our Department. Class teams work together along with specialist  therapy staff and other professionals to ensure that our children are given the necessary provision and care to provide for their individual needs. Our Junior Department pupils benefit from strong community links including our Shared Education partnership with Sacred Heart Primary School. 

Learning and teaching across the department takes a topic based approach with schemes of work being developed for each curricular area. From the schemes of work, mid term planners are developed by each teacher to meet the specific needs of their class.


Children learn best when they are in a happy, positive and safe environment and our aim in the Junior Department is to ensure that all our pupils have fun learning together and can progress to the best of their ability.

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