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Early Years Department

Knockevin Early Years Centre is based in Dundrum. Our purpose built school is equipped with four classrooms, therapy rooms, a multi-sensory room, soft plat area, a large multi-functional hall and extensive outdoor play facilities. 

The Curriculum


Our curriculum is delivered through play and practical activity based learning. For young children play is their right and is an essential and rich part of the learning process. Children are provided with opportunities to experience, explore, and engage in the following areas of play:

  • Dramatic

  • Sand

  • Water

  • Cough and Clay

  • Table Top

  • Small World 

  • Construction

  • Creative

In providing a varied, stimulating and enjoyable learning experience, we will make use of interactive technology throughout the curriculum that will help to engage and enhance the learning opportunities for all out children. 

Outdoor Learning


Our outdoor play areas provide opportunities for consolidation of learning and for physical development and movement. The outdoor facilities are very much an extension of our classrooms and our pupils love taking part in activities while enjoying the beautiful mountain and sea views. 


A Reassuring Learning Environment


Starting school is a major milestone in the life of a young child and we know how anxious our pupils can be. Our staff are committed to working with parents to overcome difficulties and make the transition to school as easy as possible. We offer:

  • The sharing of information before a child starts school

  • Opportunities for visits and play sessions

  • Visual supports for pupils

  • Information for parents

  • A carefully planned induction process in September


Once a pupil's place is confirmed school staff will be in touch to make these arrangements. 

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