Get Ready, Get Set, Go!


In the mornings we run our ‘Get Ready, Get Set, Go!’ programme in the hall. This involves children completing a series of activities designed specifically to wake up all the senses in readiness for the busy day at school!

Pupils are referred from across all of the classes and really enjoy working with each other and the adults leading the sessions. They complete a series of activities as detailed below and, for the majority of children, this leads to improvements in alertness and co-ordination in class. Their class staff teams have noticed the differences in the children very quickly. The pupils who attend are reviewed at regular intervals to see if the activities are beneficial.

The three areas are:

Alerting activities (spinning, bouncing on a trampet) to stimulate the body's central nervous system in preparation for learning.

Organising activities (balancing on a wobble board, stepping stones) demand brain and body to work together.

Calming activities (heavy muscle work and deep pressure) give an awareness of their body in space and increases the ability to self-regulate sensory input.

The children attending at the moment really enjoy the sessions as you can see from these photographs!