Junior School


Senior Leader - Ronan Loughran

Welcome to our Lower School. At present, lower school consists of five classes. We love being able to explore and experiment in lower school, and have many opportunities to do so.


We strongly believe that ‘together we can achieve more’ and this certainly applies to the holistic approach that is very apparent throughout all years in Knockevin. Class teams work together along with specialist teachers and therapy staff to ensure that our children are given the necessary provision and care to provide for their individual needs. Every child has the opportunity to explore and learn through our curriculum areas which include communication and literacy, numeracy, the world around us, physical development and movement, the arts and PDMU. Each pupil has an IEP which is regularly monitored and evaluated. Pupils are observed by the class team to ensure targets are being met and skills are being developed.


Our pupils have access to a number of facilities and resources within school including

  • Hydropool
  • Outdoor playground
  • Sand and water play
  • Sensory room
  • Library
  • Music room
  • PE Hall
  • Soft play area
  • I Pads
  • Ponycycles


We currently have links with Downpatrick Nursery and Barnaby’s which allow our pupils to interact with other children from their community and to build and develop new friendships. As a team we join in many fun activities and events such as:


  • Seasonal events and celebrations
  • Red Nose Day and Children in Need
  •  Healthy eating projects
  •  World Book Day
  • Weekly educational outings


Children learn best when they are in a happy, positive and safe environment and our aim in Lower School is to ensure that all our pupils have fun learning together and can progress to the best of their ability.